is a two component non re- emulsifiable epoxy latex system which can be used for plain and cement modified coating applications over concrete/plastered substrates.


  • Excellent bonding agent between New and Old concrete.
  • As waterproof, water resistant anti- carbonation coating over concrete.
  • Ideal for coating and crack filling of concrete
  • surfaces like terraces, roofs, basements, sunken slabs, liftpits, bridge decks, soffits, inside/outside surface of PSC box girders, marine structures like jetties, walls etc.

    Excellent bonding agent between New and Old concrete. It can be applied over moist surface also. EL–Monobond® cementitious coatings are stable, waterproof, impermeable even in presence of water and compatible with cementitious substrate. Conforms to ASTM-C-1059-86 Type II

  • Description

    EPIBOND-21-LP is used to bond fresh concrete to concrete that is fully cured. EPIBOND-21-LP will give monolithic bond capable of transmitting high stresses.
    In addition, EPIBOND-21-LP possesses excellent water and alkali resistance and has long tackfree time of 120 minutes. This would help in laying concrete / mortar even after 120 minutes of application of bond layer.



  • Concrete jointing (cold joints) and for repairs using cement plaster/guniting.
  • Reinforcing existing concrete structure or elements and also in jacketing of columns.
  • Waterproof joints (Sandwich Layer). UNIQUE ADVANTAGES:
  • Excellent bonding agent between New and Old concrete.
  • Conforms to ASTM-C-881.
  • Long tackfree time of 120 minutes at 30oC.
  • Description

    Monobond® -WF is an easy-to-apply synthetic latex based multipurpose waterproof coating. Monobond® -WF is a site friendly waterproof coating which forms a polymer matrix upon addition with cement and acts as an effective barrier against moisture ingress.

  • Single component, non-toxic
  • Excellent resistance against moisture ingress
  • Forms polymer matrix with excellent mechanical strength properties
  • Excellent adhesion and elongation
  • Can be applied on moist surfaces
  • Can be added to cement based systems like mortar and grouts for modification of properties.

  • Uses


  • Waterproofing of sunken slabs, toilet blocks, terraces, slabs under brickbats, roofs, watertanks.
  • As an additive to cement mortar for waterproofing and resilience of the matrix.
  • As a latex modified bond coat.