The company is active in the area of research and development at its inhouse laboratory. All products are indegeniously developed with support from institutes like IIT, UDCT, and CSIR affiliated laboratories. R & D and QC departments play a proactive role in meeting the company’s quality policy.
We have a state of the art research and development laboratory, which helps us in meeting the dynamic demands of the market. Our contemporary cutting edge technology processes and equipments, along with a team of dedicated trained professionals ensure that customers always get consistent quality products.
The effort to maintain the highest standards of quality involves the whole organization, from R & D to production.

Salient Features

Protective Coatings

For the past 30 years the company has supplied / executed protective coatings, viz IPNet epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic to over 3 million sq.mts area to bridges, flyovers, jetties, cooling towers etc. with satisfactory results.

Corrosion Inhibitors

The Company has been in the forefront in introducing corrosion inhibitors in construction industry in India since 2000, covering more than 10 lakhs cubic meter of concrete.

Repairs & Rehabilitation

Apart from conventional structural repairs, the company has the credit of introducing fibre wrapping systems both glass & carbon since 2000. It was used for the first time in Bhuj after the earthquake in 2001.


Surface applied concrete penetrating corrosion inhibitor system that works on the Bipolar Inhibition Mechanism (BlM'). By virtue of its high vapor pressure & affinity for the embedded steel EPCO-KP-1 00 travels through the concrete to the embedded side of reinforcement and inhibits corrosion.


In corrosion protection of reinforcement steel in RCC repairs of structures even in the presence of chlorides. Rehabilitation of corrosion damaged RCC. ENV 1504-9 recommends the application as proven corrosion control measure.