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Rohibb's PP Roller

As a good fiber wrapping technique & endorsed by ACI 440 R, there shall not be air voids between epoxy & fiber material.

Rohibb's PP Roller can be used to ensure said purpose, which is a light weight & easy to use, clean roller especially designed for fiber wrapping.

Rohibb's Injector

A Rohibb's injector is a cylindrical shape injecting machine having inlet & outlet designed for user friendly epoxy or monomer grouting.

Rohibb's Anchor CF

Carbon Fibre Anchor
Product Details:
Fiber type - 230 GSM Carbon fiber
Anchor base diameter - 10 mm
Anchor base length - 75 mm
Loose fiber length - 100 mm

Rohibb's PP Nipple

Rohibb's PP nipples are polypropylene fiber nipples of two types i.e. returnable & non-returnable of various sizes.
Product Details:
Returnable Nozzles
Diameter - 10 mm
Length - 2 inch & 5 inch
Non-Returnable Nozzles
Diameter - 10 mm
Length - 3 inch & 5 inch