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  • Protective & Waterproofing coating Protective & Waterproofing coating
  • Repair & Restoration of blast damaged basementRepair & Restoration of blast damaged basement
  • Protective coating to longest railways cable stay bridgeProtective coating to longest railways cable stay bridge
  • Repair & Retrofitting for Fire impacted structureRepair & Retrofitting for Fire impacted structure
  • Corrosion protection for Residential structureCorrosion protection for Residential structure
  • External Protective coating to Heritage buildingExternal Protective coating to Heritage building
  • Repair & Coating to Chimney structureRepair & Coating to Chimney structure
  • Repair undertaken for Heritage ProjectRepair undertaken for Heritage Project
  • Repair & Coating to Prill TowerRepair & Coating to Prill Tower
  • Coating of prominent Bridge in MumbaiCoating of prominent Bridge in Mumbai
  • Repair to Heritage structureRepair to Heritage structure
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture at leading Petrochem IndustryCorrosion Inhibiting Admixture at leading Petrochem Industry
  • Repair & Engineered coating to Nuclear Power PlantsRepair & Engineered coating to Nuclear Power Plants
  • Major FRP Retrofitting for Bridge ProjectMajor FRP Retrofitting for Bridge Project
  • Engineered Protective Coating to StructuresEngineered Protective Coating to Structures
  • Corrosion Protection of Marine StructuresCorrosion Protection of Marine Structures
  • Restoration and Repair of Bridge StructuresRestoration and Repair of Bridge Structures
  • Repair & Rehabilitation of elevated service reservoirRepair & Rehabilitation of elevated service reservoir