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About Us

Dr. Madan K. Kamat
Founder & CEO
Dr. Madan Kamat has persued his Civil Engineering from NIT Suratkal followed by his Masters & Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry from IIT, Bombay. He has built the KCPPL range of products , one product at a time with a lot of passion and dedication keeping in mind the requirement for world-class India-made products. His research based acumen has made KCPPL a pioneer in Construction Chemicals space that has ushered many new technologies in India such as IPN Systems, Fiber Wrapping and Self healing coatings. His energy and enthusiasm in the space of material developments has earned him and KCPPL a very respectable position in the industry and the academia.
Mr. Salil M. Gadgil
Er. Salil Gadgil is a seasoned professional with industry experience of around 18 years. His technical acumen along with keen eye for detail and good grasp on market dynamics has made him the most accepted and respected leader in KCPPL. His regular techno-commercial engagements with the clients / industry and colleagues have added to his persona of a technically & fundamentally strong futuristic leader.
Mr. Satish Kamat
Mr. Satish Kamat has an industry experience of over 28 years making him an ideal and capable candidate for managing the backbone of the KCPPL structure, i.e logistics & finance. He has managed to effectively undertake many expansion projects of KCPPL over the years keeping an eye on cost and ensuring the company stays fairly low on leverage.
Ms. Anila Mayank
Ms, Anila Mayank comes from a 15 plus years experience from the financial sector. She has done her Graduation in Commerce & Law and an MMS from Mumbai University. She brings in a diversity onto the table of KCPPL leadership with her analytical approach and her ability to effectively multitask.
Mr. Shrikant Kubal
Mr. Shrikant Kubal has been an integral and most important contributor to the KCPPL story. He has been handling everything from set-up to production at each of the manufacturing plant of the KCPPL group. He has been associated with KCPPL for well over 30 years and his continued energy & enthusiasm is the key driving force of the front end of the KCPPL team.
Mr. Sunil Bhat
Mr. Sunil Bhat is a marketing whiz of KCPPL handling almost all large project sales of the company for over 30 years. He is a well-respected name in the industry known to provide hands-on & cost effective solutions to his customers. He has been, over the years, the key custodian for creating foundation & propagation for many indigenous technological solutions in the infrastructural space.
Mr. Mihir Pandya
Mr. Mihir Pandya has been associated with KCPPL since 25 years and is a steady support handling a niche markets in Western parts of India. He has been instrumental in developing and nurturing industrial base of clients by offering appropriate techno-commercial solutions to their durability issues.
Mr. Brajendra Mishra
Mr. Brajendra Mishra is the head of Mumbai Marketing team of KCPPL and handles a consolidated portfolio of over 500 clients with the support of his team. He comes with a rich experience of over 15 years in the international market and brings in his own unique perspective, style and systems.