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Admixture / Performance Additive


High Performance Concrete Admixture Cum Superplasticizer For Durable Concrete/Plaster/Mortar
Supercon®-100 is a pure melamine based Superplasticizer which when added to concrete/mortar/plaster modifies the properties of concrete such as workability, strength, permeability, cohesion, etc.
  • To achieve impermeable, honeycomb free, high quality concrete/mortar/plaster. (In slabs, beams, columns and areas of high steel congestion and thin sections)
  • Highly recommended for Roof Slabs, Water tanks Basements, Foundations, Flooing, Bridge Decks, etc.
  • To achieve pumpable concrete
  • In concrete blocks & paver blocks manufacturing for impermeability & higher strength
  • As a additive for internal and external plaster
Mechanism of Action:
  • Pure Melamine formaldehyde resins (Supercon®-100), when added to fresh concrete/mortar disperses cement uniformly in the mix. Due to deflocculation action on cement agglomerates, the entrapped water is released and would be available for workability. Melamine resins provide additional cohesive bond with the dispersed cement grains, thus achieving upto 25% high strength.


Superplasticizer for High Workability & Slump Retention
SUPERCON®-300 is a superplasticizer, which when added to concrete offers the following advantages.
  • Increased workability or reduction in water to cement ratio for durable and cohesive concrete
  • Increase of early and final strength
  • Retains slump for placing & pumping of concrete
Typical Application:
  • To achieve flowing concrete
  • To achieve higher workability
  • Good slump retention
  • Add SUPERCON®-300 to concrete mix after dispersing in water


Integral Waterproofing cum workability admixture
SUPERCON®-333 is a unique admixture, which when added to concrete & mortar offers the following advantages:
  • Reduced permeability
  • Improved water tightness
  • Increased workability
  • Reduced segregation
  • Reduction in water to cement ratio
  • Enhanced durability
Typical Application:
  • Waterproofing of terraces, sunken slabs, lift pits, basements, foundations, water tanks, plasters, water retaining structures
  • Increasing workability of concrete and mortar mix without increasing the water demand
  • As an admixture in cement grouts and cement slurry
  • Add SUPERCON®-333 to concrete/mortar mix after dispersing in water


Synthetic Fiber Additive To Cement Concrete/Mortar
KRIFIB is a specially treated synthetic fiber additive compatible to cement in concrete/mortar/plaster.
Typical Application
  • Guniting, Industrial Flooring, Waterproofing cement plaster, Irrigation Channel Lining, Overlays & Toppings, Concrete pavements & Parking areas, Non-magnetic applications.
Application Procedure
  • KRIFIB fibers are added in small quantity of dry cement/sand & mix it till uniform spreading. Then add remaining quantity & also water as per design/requirement


Natural Amorphous Microsiliceous Admixture
It is a well-established fact that siliceous admixture used as an essential component of concrete can impart significant enhancement to the basic properties of concrete in both the fresh and hardened state.
Typical Application
  • An admixture in high performance concretes
  • Chemical resistant concrete and mortar in Effluent and Sewerage treatment plants, Industrial floorings, Pothole repairs, Bridges, Girders, etc.
  • Waterproofing of Water Tanks, Terraces, Basements, Walls and in all concrete structures. As waterproofing additive in brickbat coba
  • Add SiFumex®-100-D to dry ingredients of concrete


Accelerator for Cement Concrete/Mortar
ACL-15 is a chloride free accelerator conforming to IS 9103-1979.
Unique Advantages:
  • ACL-15 is chloride free and is totally free from any corrosion risks
  • In concrete road construction reducing the initial setting time by 1 hour and final setting by 4 hours, facilitating early removal of shuttering. Also the concrete roads can be put to use much earlier than the conventional setting time
  • In concrete block manufacture, the use of ACL-15 renders higher productivity
  • For foundation concreting, high rise structures accelerated concrete is essential
  • In areas where water table is high, accelerated setting is essential
  • Being a chloride free accelerator it is totally free from any corrosion risks. Hence the utility in marine structures is recommended


Crystalline Integral Waterproofing Admixture
Unlike any other organic admixture STELLYN is a hydraulic waterproofing compound and being inorganic fully compatible with cementitious materials
The cementitious matrix has lot of capillary voids in concrete. These are responsible for leakage as well as deterioration at a later stage once the water pressure in the capillaries build up
The inorganic chemical group in water STELLYN will react with water and insoluble crystalline products are generated throughout the capillary pores of concrete
This crystalline product is highly resistant to water and perform very well even under extreme conditions such as pressure or aggressive chemicals attack
  • STELLYN can be added to into concrete either in batching plant or mixing trucks as per the dosage by consultant
  • It is recommended that STELLYN is added into batching plants lastly into concrete and through mixing for 5 to 10 minutes is envisaged
  • The amount of water to be determined only after carrying out mix since STELLYN also has water reduction property along with crystallisation
  • Water is an important agent to form crystalline process. Initially water will access to concrete through porous portion of concrete. STELLYN will then react with water and crystallisation process initiates