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Non Shrinking Epoxy Sealant
EPCO®-1010 is a unique epoxy compound comprising of Base and Curing Agent and should be mixed in equal proportion prior to use.
It can be applied on concrete surface without accommodating for joints as the material does not shrink. It has built-in resilience to absorb impact and movements in joints.
Application Procedure
  • Ensure to prepare the substrate to be applied thoroughly, and must be clean and free from any┬ábond-breaking material such as oil or grease or loose particles
  • Mix Part A (Base) and Part B (Curing Agent) in equal proportion by weight and knead thoroughly to get a uniform colour


is a two component thirotropic solvent free, non-shrinking epoxy adhesive with high modulus property.
  • Add component B to component A and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes until a uniform grey colour is obtained. Allow it to remain for 5 minutes.
Application Procedure
  • GOLDBOND®-1893-Sealant can be applied by trowel spatula or with a gloved hand


Acrylic Sealant for plaster & masonry
EPCO®-ACR is a specially formulated acrylic sealant for crack filling of masonry and non-structural applications.
Application Procedure
  • Thoroughly clean the cracks to free them from loose dust & oily residues. Moisten the cracks with water and fill EPCO®-ACR with spatula or putty knife. Allow it to air cure for 24 hours


Polymer Cement Putty
EPCO®-PC-PUTTY is a cement polymer putty recommended for filling of cracks & honeycombed surfaces in concrete.
Application Procedure
  • Remove loose concrete / plaster and free dust from cracks & honeycombes to be treated using coarse wire brushing. Prior to filling the putty moisten the substrate with little water for better adhesion. Mix EPCO®-PC-PUTTY and clean water in specified proportion of 1kg : 400 gms or to achieve a workable consistency and knead it thoroughly to achieve a uniform consistency. Apply by trowel or by hand into the cracks and honeycombs
  • In hot weather moist cure by sprinkling water for 2-3 days