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Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibitor (CPCI)®
EPCO-KP-100 is a hi-tech corrosion inhibition system that works on the Bipolar Inhibition Mechanism (B.I.M.).
B.I.M. inhibits corrosion of the steel in concrete at the poles, cathodic & anodic simultaneously. EPCO-KP-100 by virtue of its high vapour pressure & affinity for the embedded metal diffuses through the densest concrete to reach the corroding steel.
Upon deposition on the rusted steel substrate, EPCO-KP-100 molecules prevent further reaction between the steel and chloride/oxygen thus arresting the corrosion process.
Application Procedure
  • Thoroughly remove the spalled concrete and loose material. Abrade / clean the rusted steel mechanically. Spray EPCO-KP-100 along the exposed concrete surface in the vicinity
  • After few minutes wipe the concrete/steel surface with moist cloth to remove residual material from the surface. The inhibitor by now has already penetrated the concrete. Follow up with application of bond coat and subsequently with repair mortar / concrete / plaster
  • In case of application for preventive maintenance, abrade the concrete surface mechanically to remove loose particles, incrustations, residual oil, grease etc. Remove existing paint if the surface is already painted, by abrading
  • Spray EPCO-KP-100 over entire concrete surface.
  • Keep the container tightly closed in a cool place. Wear safety goggles during spraying
Dosage Rate: 4 sq.mt./lt. Spray repeatedly over the area as to dose the required quantity. Dense concrete may require repeated application, while porous substrate would absorb immediately.


Bipolar Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture (CPCIA)®
EPCO®-KP-200 is a hi-tech corrosion inhibitor system that works on the Bipolar Inhibition Mechanism (B. I. M.)®. B. I. M.® inhibits corrosion of steel in concrete at both the poles, cathodic & anodic simultaneously.
EPCO®-KP-200 by virtue of its high vapour pressure & affinity for the embedded metal diffuses through densest concrete to reach the corroding steel. The migration of EPCO®-KP-200 takes place over a prolonged period of time and hence this molecular layer shall continue to protect rebar by its constant presence
Application Procedure
  • EPCO®-KP-200 be used as an admixture, by adding into wet concrete mix along with batch water during the mixing of cement, sand, aggregate before placement or pouring into transit mixer to impart corrosion protection to the embedded reinforcement
  • The batch water shall be calculated accounting for the quantity of EPCO®-KP-200 to be added at minimum 2 kgs per cubic meter


Sustained Release Caplet for Corrosion Protection of Existing RCC Structures
The reduction of service life of any RCC structure is basically due to corrosion of rebar. This process is very severe when structures are exposed to marine or chemical atmosphere.
Powrthrow is an unique solution for maintaining the integrity of existing RCC structure from corrosion of rebar. By introducing Powrthrow into the concrete structures, the rate of corrosion of rebar reduces significantly & the release of active ingredient is over a considerable period of time.
  • Drill 20mm holes into the concrete to a depth of 25mm and insert the Powrthrow caplets into it. Seal it off with EPCO®-1010
  • Spacing of Powrthrow caplets can be,
    For Columns - 1 unit per RMT from 2 opposite faces in staggered fashion
    For Beams - 1 unit RMT from 2 opposite faces in staggered fashion
    For Slabs - ln 1mt x 1mt grid insert 4 units
  • Seal it off with EPCO® -1010
Note: For site specific applications the spacing can be designed separately


Embedded Sacrificial Galvanic Anode for corrosion protection of reinforcement in concrete
Canode is an unique galvanic anode unit based on special zinc encased in a specially formulated conductive mortar which prevents, controls & delays the corrosion of reinforcement steel.
Installation Procedure
  • Remove the loose concrete from around and behind of all corroding reinforcement
  • Thoroughly wires brush the reinforcement to remove loose rust & rust stains
  • Soak the Canode units in clean water for 20-30 minutes before installing
  • Fasten the tie wires of Canode using pliers on the side or beneath the rebar to prevent free movement
  • Ensure proper connection under expert supervision