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High Molecular Weight Polymer (LV Grade) Grout
Monopol® is a low viscosity high molecular weight thermoset polymer. Due to its low viscosity, cracks & honeycombs in concrete are filled upto maximun possible depth of concrete.
Application Procedure
  • Surface must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles
  • Add Monopol® Part A1 (additive) strictly in Monopol® Part A at specified proportion depending upon atmospheric temperature & mix it vigorously
  • This mix can be stored for a maximum 7 days in appropriate storage condition (in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight, heat, smoke, flames. etc)
  • At the time of application, add 0.9 kg (Mix of Part A and A1) with Part B 0.1 kg (1 tube). Mix it thoroughly preferably with mechanical stirrer
  • Application to be done by injecting / flooding / pouring within pot life
  • Curing in air for 24 hours after use
  • Strictly avoid its use in confined, unventilated areas due to its pungent odour. Sparking, smoking, smokes from high heat, exposure to fumes is strictly prohibited in the application zone
Note: Mix only the quantity which can be used within the pot life.


EPCO®-KP-HP-250 is a low viscosity epoxy resin system comprising of RESIN : KP-250 and HARDENER : HP-250.
This system has an excellent bond with the concrete structures and by virtue of its low viscosity it can penetrate into the finer cracks present in the concrete.
Application Procedure
  • The cracks and openings at junctions shall be cleaned for placing injection nipples. Thereafter the injection points placed approx. between 150mm to 300mm c/c and shall be drilled to the depth of 75mm to 125mm.All thedust &loose particles shall be cleaned from the drilled points
  • Injection nipples be placed and grouted with non-shrinking epoxy EPCO 1010. Even the cracks or openings between the injection points shall be sealed with EPCO 1010
  • Using specialized injection instrument (ROHIBB INJECTOR) low viscosity grout (KP-250 and HP- 250) shall be injected through nipples. The process shall continue till the firm resistance from the surface is received. The pressure of injection may vary from 3kg/cm2 to 5kg/cm2


Underwater Setting Sealing Epoxy Compound (Low Viscosity)
EPCO®-2020-(LV) is an unique Low Viscous Epoxy Compound which has excellent setting and bonding characteristics in the presence of water. EPCO®-2020-(LV) is cured with specialised aliphatic curing agents to effect three dimensional cross linkages even in the presence of water.
Application Procedure
  • By virtue of its low viscosity and excellent bonding characteristics in the presence of water, EPCO®-2020-(LV) is an ideal system for pressure injection grouting in Hydraulic structures, Underwater Honeycombs in RCC, Basement, Lift pits, Bridges etc.
  • As epoxy mortar and concrete for underwater & alternate dry / wet zone application in repairs & restoration


High Performance Antiwashout Grout
PC GROUT is supplied as a pure ready to use dry powder.
Only specified amount of water is to be added to produce free flowing grout.
Water required per 30 kg bag is approx. 12 ltrs to 16 ltrs.
Application Procedure
  • Waterproofing: Excellent grout in waterproofing of concrete, RCC. Most effective in sealing water path, honeycombs, cracks, filling of cavities, pores etc. Its antiwashout characteristics restrain bleeding of grout significantly
  • Sealing of honeycombs & cavities: All the water paths in concrete matrix shall be sealed effectively if proper method of grouting is employed using suitable grouting equipment
  • Strengthening of RCC: RCC structures which require strengthening shall find excellent solutions in PC Grout since it shall bond with concrete thoroughly


High Molecular Weight Polymer / Mortar
MONOPOL®-160 is a low viscosity high molecular weight thermosett polymer. Due to its low viscosity, cracks and honeycombs are filled upto full depth of concrete RCC / concrete roads.
Application Procedure
  • Surface preparation is an essential part of the application. It is necessary to clean and dry the concrete surface prior to use
  • The concrete cracks or honeycombed surfaces shall be chipped to a minimum depth of 10mm in right angle to surface or as per requirement. The areas to be repaired shall be profiled to get rectangular or square shape with a right angle edge of 10mm
  • Refer Technical datasheet for mixing
  • Use it for gravity pouring / flooding within scheduled pot life
  • Curing in air for 3-6 hours before allowing traffic to pass
  • Follow stitching, stapling or grouting procedure whenever needed
  • Repeat the same procedure for pot hole filling in concrete pavements, culverts and bridges and for levelling the surface as a wearing coat