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Reinforcement Coating and Protection


Alkaline Rust Converting Primer
FEOVERT is a single pack alkaline waterbased rust converting primer which is designed for application on rusted embedded reinforcement to form a complex iron compound. The unique deoxygenating agent formed during application of FEOVERT converts the rust into corrosion resistant, and adherent layer by reacting with the oxygen present on the surface.
Application Procedure
  • Remove loosely held rust using a hand wire brush gently, but leave behind the layer of rust directly attached to the underlying steel
  • Ensure removal of oil or greasy residues if any with strong detergent and wash with clean water. Allow it to dry
  • Apply the FEOVERT using a brush or spray
  • Apply minimum 1 coat. Preferably two coats when heavy rust is present
  • Curing time for each coat 6-8 hours


IPNET®-RB is a Anti-Corrosive Protective Coating System For Reinforcement Bars. (CBRI / CSIR Technology).
It is used as a protective, anti-corrosive coating to rebar in the construction of RCC structures exposed to aggressive corrosion, to enhance the durability.
Application Procedure
  • Surface Preparation: De-rust the steel using mechanical, circular wire brushes and with application of alkaline rust converter. Sandblasting/shotblasting is the effective method of surface preparation prior to IPNet-RB application, where large quantities of rebar are to be coated.


is a cement polymer composite coating system, a method of protecting the reinforcement bars against ravages of corrosion conforming to IRC:SP:80-2008.
Application Procedure
  • Application of Coating: The primer coat shall be applied to the cleaned surface as soon as possible after cleaning as above and before 4 hours, either by brushing or dipping
  • Apply sealer coat after 60-90 minutes of application of primer coat
  • Air curing for minimum 24 hours before the coated bars are put to use


Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
CORROSEAL-ZR is a two pack polyamide cured air drying compound. This primer has excellent resistance to corrosion.
Application Procedure
  • The adhesion of CORROSEAL-ZR is greatly impaired if the substrate is not prepared thoroughly. Thorough scrubbing with wire brushes, grinding are the means of exposing the sound substrate Removal of rust & mill scales etc. forms essential part of surface preparation
  • Mix CORROSEAL-ZR Base & Curing agent in prescribed proportion by volume and allow it to remain for 10 minutes
  • Apply minimum one coat of CORROSEAL-ZR on the cleaned substrate prior to application of CORROSEAL-TE, KARAIKOTE®-TIG, etc.